How to Get Free RuneScape Membership?

You can easily use your spare time to earn Free RuneScape Membership vouchers. Don't have a credit card to pay for membership? Sick and tired of mooching from your parents? Or are you just tired of paying that expensive membership subscription which they charge you... Easily rack up some points and you will definitely be on your way to a RuneScape Free Membership.


As you find out about new products, share information and facts about yourself, or register for online services, you earn points. While A lot of OFFERS ARE Totally free, you might also see cashback shopping and paid/trial offers - a much less complicated method to grab your Free RuneScape Membership!

What benefits of being RuneScape Membership?

RuneScape Membership charges $7.95 every month on, But on we give you RuneScape Membership for free and has all of the following additional benefits:


      1. Over 150 extra quests
      2. 9 more skills to train
      3. 20 members-only minigames
      4. 3x Larger world to explore
      5. Your own home to build
      6. Exclusive full screen mode
      7. No adverts in game
      8. Regular content updates

Just 3 steps to get Free RuneScape Membership!

  1. Register:
  2. Our registration process normally takes about ten seconds, We will never ask for any kind of private information. Only a real e-mail is required, Since this is the only way we can reach you and send you RuneScape Pins code, and we'll even give you 1 FREE BONUS POINTS once you register.

  3. Earn Points:
  4. In order to give our potential customers Free RuneScape Memberships of varying cycles, you will have to earn points. Earning these points are Absolutely free, and you just have to complete a few short surveys and fun quizzes to get enough points to claim a free RuneScape Pins. It's also possible to earn points by signing up to some trial offers, but we recommend you go through the free surveys for now. But did you know there is another ways to earn points? When you refer a friends to our site, You'll earn 0.1 points for each offer they completed! If you are referred 10 peoples, and they completed just 2 offers each day, That's 2 extra points per day, or 60 points per month, for doing nothing at all!

  5. Get a Free RuneScape Membership:
  6. After you have earned 10 points on you can swap them for RuneScape Memberships of varying lengths! Generally, you earn points, we give you the code for a RuneScape Membership, and we're both happy! You earn yourself a FREE Runecape Membership and also we receive important details from customers filling out the short surveys but rest assured we will NEVER spam or released your data included in the survey. Basically, You can request as much as you want, since we can buy it online and send to you via email. The possibilities are endless!


Why choose

Well, we are glad you asked about. Basically we're a lot better than our competition. We provide you much easier to get memberships compared to our competitors and we also specialize in RuneScape Pins so there isn't any need for only having giftcards for 'X' store. You could be saying well my other rewards site costs less points for getting membership, even if this might be true the points aren't worth as much so in actuality, your doing much more work there than you're here. We're not forcing you to join us but we are recommending it if you want your membership faster with less work.

You must have 10 points in order to redeem them for RuneScape Membership codes.

Want some Proofs?


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